Week 13 Reflective Writing

The main thing I’ll take away from this class is a more nuanced idea of the purpose of theater. I had never thought of theater as more than entertainment before the class. Knowing there can be deeper messages to theater makes sense and I think it will help me take more away from seeing shows. It was also interesting to learn about the history of theater and how innate it is to humans. That’s not something I would have looked into on my own, so being guided to it make me look at a part of theater I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I think this class was worth it. Yes, there was a lot of reading, but it was almost always interesting, and the work associated with them was more of thinking than busy work type work. I think I found this week’s lesson about musical theater the most interesting. There were so many changes to musical theater, all within a century. Musical theater was also the easiest to understand for me since I knew about most of the shows we talked about before the lesson, so it was a bit easier to wrap my head around. Musicals are the part of theater I like the most, so of course it would be my favorite lesson.

I’m not sure how this class connects to my other classes. I think the class connects more to my life which eventually will be affected by my classes. Right now, I’m just taking classes that look interesting. Theater does psychology to make people feel a certain way, with colors and music. I guess electronics in theater might be programmed which would connect to my computer science class but that’s a bit of a reach and very surface level. This class was very different from the rest of my schedule. There was a lot more internal work to put together concepts as opposed to clear rules and ideas being laid out for me.

Word count: 328

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