Week 2 Reflective Writing

Theater is important. The simple fact that it’s lasted so long proves that. The Greek had theater and we have our own version today. Both renditions tell stories and share messages about society at that time. They share what it’s like to be a person in a time and the struggles that being human brings. Theater provides entertainment and a break from the present, but also a look into another life. It helps create connections, between both people and character but also between the people behind the scene. So many stories go into theater. There’s the writer’s input, and the director’s thoughts, and how the actor chooses to play a certain scene. All of this coalesces into a single character who shares their story and often their deep secrets and emotions. The audience is there for a single purpose which is to watch and listen, and if they want, take something from the time spent there.

We like stories and theater provides that in a very immersive and low effort way. I think that low effort component is part of what keeps theater going. The whole story is provided and sometimes now, surrounds you completely. Movies and tv tell stories, yes, but they don’t have the same atmosphere or the transportation to the time and place. The magic of the lighting dimming and the curtain rising is something unique to theater. Theater has the ability to bring us together which is something that is always needed across all times.

Word count: 250

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